Why Free Music Matters

Why Free Music Matters

August 20, 2019 Off By JacksonTunes

Many cities like to host free music days for their residents. You likely have a rock concert or two held over the summer nearby, but not many cities hold free symphonic performances anymore. But when it comes to the symphony, these free concert days are incredibly important. Because so many people view symphonic orchestras as music for other people, but not them, opening up the doors and allowing anyone in who wants to experience the symphony is a great way to expand the reach that the symphony has. Not only is it a great cultural experience, but it’s also a way to show others how a great night out experiencing the symphony can be.

If you’re a fan of heading out to the symphony, then you already know that it’s a magical experience. And if you’re not, then free concerts are a great way to learn what it’s all about. These are a no-risk way to see what a night out at the concert hall is like and figure out if you like it or not. If you’ve never been to a live orchestral performance, then this can be a good way to get your feet wet. Oftentimes, pop music is played at these, like the soundtracks to famous movies, or even new compositions of classic songs. The symphony is a lot more than just songs written hundreds of years ago. It’s about professional musicians playing together in a way that makes for a unique and exciting manner.

Unfortunately, a lot of cities are cutting back on this. Nashville is the most recent example. The Nashville Symphony has performed a yearly free concert every year for more than ten years but will not be continuing this for the 2019 season. This is a big blow to lovers of the symphony. Not only did it allow a lot of people who never would see the symphony any other time an opportunity to see professional musicians perform, but it was also held in the magnificent Schermerhorn Symphony Center, a place many in and around Nashville would not get to visit regularly. The Symphony also offered question and answer period and other fun things that are not normally done. It truly was an amazing experience, geared toward bringing classical music to the masses. Phasing out this public service is a big loss for the entire Nashville community.

The event has been canceled because of the huge time and monetary investment that it involves. The symphony publicly announced that they want to continue serving their community, but that they weren’t sure that a free concert was the best way to do so.

Nashville is worse off for this, but hopefully whatever the symphony decides will be of even greater benefit to the community. What that still remains to be seen. And perhaps this can open the door for other musicians to step in and serve the community in a new way, too.

Free concerts are an important way to serve communities. They might not be the only way to do so, but they are a great way that those around us can be helped. They bring culture to communities in a way that is not done otherwise. The symphony is one of the greatest community assets, and bridging that gap between those who have never experienced it with free concert days is awesome. If you do need to get tickets to a classical event then you might as well use a trusted source. Either way, you don’t want to miss out on a spectacular event.

Does your community host symphony days? Almost all cities have free concerts, but when it comes to cutting costs, the symphony tends to be the first to be cut. The public demand for these types of events is not as great as it is for jazz, country, or rock concerts. However, classical music tends to incorporate an element of artistry that isn’t found in any other type of music. When a community cuts out these free concerts to save money, the cultural element of a city is diminished.