The Symphony is Anything but Boring

The Symphony is Anything but Boring

January 14, 2019 Off By JacksonTunes

The symphony has—somehow—gained a bad reputation over the last couple decades. Many view it as an archaic structure, playing songs that no one remembers written by people that died a couple hundred (or more) years ago. Before you go to your next concert here in Macon, take a look at what orchestra performances are coming up. Odds are, it won’t be quite what you were expecting.

Fans of classical music know that it’s a lot more than just noise. Classical music itself is almost a living organism, able to change and adapt to current styles of music and show a depth of artistry that more popular genres of music like rock, pop, or rap, cannot ever dream of having.

It’s when the symphony is combined with another style of music that heads turn. We’ve seen this happen on a large scale a few times, and it is still a special experience when a new variation of the symphony pops up. Today, the symphony and the sounds of classical music are alive and well. You might enjoy this style of music and not even be aware that you’ve been listening to a large-scale ensemble perform in the back of one of your favorite songs.

Not convinced? You might be surprised just how widespread the symphony is.

More Than You Think

Are you one of the many people who think that the symphony is just for old fuddy duddies? If you are, you’re not alone. I was like that for a long time. Even though I played trumpet in my school’s performance symphony in high school, it took me many years to get over the idea that classical music was just for old, rich men. A few more recent examples have changed my mind, though. Take the newly announced symphonic production coming from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. They will be performing a symphony written by Philip Glass that is based on David Bowie’s music. Bowie, who passed away a few years ago, was one of the leading voices in alternative rock during the late 1970s and 1980s. His music has become iconic since then, and he continues to be hailed as one of the most innovative figures in all of rock music.

A symphony based on a rock and roll legend’s work promises to be anything but boring. This is not music for old, rich men. It’s music for those of us that love edgy, hard rock. And luckily, this isn’t the only time that the symphony has crossed over into more mainstream genres of music. Back in the 1990s, the metal group Metallica surprised a lot of people when they released their S&M album. This was a live concert featuring the metal legends and the San Francisco Symphony. It ended up being one of the most popular albums that Metallica released, showing that they were not just hardcore rockers who beat on their instruments, but true musicians.

The symphony can hold to the old stereotypes, and a lot of people do enjoy that. This has a certain dignity to it, and it can make for one of the most enjoyable concert experiences of your life. If you have never seen a symphonic performance, seeing one of the classics performed live will be a breathtaking experience, especially if you see a professional symphony play. However, if you’re not quite ready for that leap, or if you want to take in a new twist on one of your favorite genres of music, finding these mashups of symphonies and bands playing together will be a delight. Whether you’re in Macon and waiting for the next big performance to come through town, or you’re looking to travel and catch a show in another part of the country, there will be plenty of opportunities in the near future to see a one of a kind symphonic performance.