Music in the Heart of Georgia

November 1, 2019 Off By JacksonTunes

Macon has gained a reputation for being a cultural hotspot, right in the middle of Georgia. It is one of the most popular locations in the South when it comes to festivals, and a lot of tourists flock to the city because of this and the many cultural advantages that it brings. If you have an interest in music, food, and fun (and who doesn’t!?) then Macon is the place to be.

Sometimes, Macon is referred to as the “Heart of Georgia.” If you’ve ever looked at a map of the state, then you know why. Macon and Bibb County are located right in the center of the state. This gives the city a big advantage over other hubs in the area, like Atlanta and Savannah, when it comes to concerts and symphonic performances. Because of the centralized location, Macon is easy to access regardless of where in Georgia you’re located. There are major highways connecting the city to Atlanta and Savannah, and plenty of people take advantage of this to come and have fun, either on weekends or during special events.

Macon might not be quite as big as these other cities, but thanks to its location on the map, it attracts some of the best groups in this part of the country—all while attracting music fans from all over the state. That means that there will always be a lot of opportunities to see your favorite groups and musicians play here or nearby.

What’s more, oftentimes you can catch a world-class symphony perform for free, or at least really close to free. For example, on Mothers’ Day in 2018, the Georgia Symphony Orchestra gave a free performance in honor of moms everywhere. At the time of the concert, the symphony hinted that they would like to make this a regular occurrence, and even stay in the Macon area for an extended period of time. Thanks to the great turnout last time, this is definitely something to look forward to in the coming months.

Leaders and influencers in the Macon area have worked really hard to make sure that the symphony is alive and well here. If you’re a fan of classical music, this is really encouraging. As more and more people realize how much culture the city truly has, and as more people come visit to experience it, we can expect this side of the city to expand.

It’s sad and it is a major blow to the community that the Macon Symphony Orchestra has been disbanded, but that doesn’t mean that the classical music scene has disappeared. You will still find performances scheduled on a regular basis. The absence of an official symphonic orchestra could be a devastating event, but it doesn’t need to be. Instead, we should see it as an opportunity for growth. New musicians can step in and grow thanks to this opening. Other professional groups have already started to fill this gap, such as the GSO and the potential series described above.

Whether you’re a musician yourself, or just a fan of the symphony in general, this is an exciting time to be in Macon. Over the course of 2019 and beyond, we expect there to be a lot of cultural growth, especially when it comes to high-quality classical music. The Heart of Georgia is one of the hotspots for music festivals for a reason, and as more people come to appreciate the great musicians that we have here, the more demand there will be for the classics. Keep your eyes open to make sure that you never miss out on tickets to a big concert again.