Show your support by advertising in our concert program, giving a gift in honor of someone special, donating office furniture or equipment, donating some of your time or just simply donating to your Symphony.

By supporting the MSO Annual Fund, you can help ensure the success and future of our community orchestra for years to come.

Q: How much does a Macon Symphony Orchestra concert cost to produce?
A: The production cost for each concert has grown in recent years to nearly $50,000.

Q: Since I buy a ticket to the symphony, why do they need my donation?
A: Ticket sales for the entire year account for only 17% of the necessary annual operating expenses. The remainder of the Symphony’s revenue comes from the support of individual and corporate donors and sponsors.

Q: What is the yearly cost of running the Macon Symphony Orchestra?
A: The Macon Symphony Orchestra’s 2014-2015 budget is $415,500

Q: How can my support really make an impact on our community?
A: The quality of life in our area is greatly enhanced by our thriving arts community. Arts organizations like the MSO create jobs, spur local economies and generate tax revenues.

In addition to your Annual Fund gift, you may wish to pay tribute in memory or in honor of a loved one, or in celebration of a special occasion – such as a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary.If you are interested in the musical education of young people, your gift may be restricted to our many Youth Activities that enrich the lives of countless young people in our area.

Every gift, regardless of the amount, helps the MSO in its efforts. Support the Symphony by making your pledge today and help us keep the music alive! Pledges may be paid at your convenience over the course of our fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

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Show your support by advertising in our concert program, giving a gift in honor of someone […]

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