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Macon Symphony Orchestra Performance

A great poet once wrote, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” Since 1976 the Macon Symphony Orchestra has educated and enriched the lives of the people of Middle Georgia through live professional symphonic music. Experiencing the symphony and watching the conductor produce harmony from 70 instruments playing together as one, gives meaning to the poet’s statement. When you see and hear the orchestra perform, you understand the language. It’s a beautiful art form that is becoming rare in today’s world.

Going to a Macon Symphony Concert can be surprising. There’s a power in orchestral music that’s just different. It’s complex, but also simple enough to hum along with. A playful melody can quickly turn into sounds of war. You’ll find yourself watching the conductor and listening carefully as the instruments swap places to carry a melody and introduce new musical themes.

The symphony’s not just about highbrow classical music. When you attend a Macon Symphony Orchestra performance, you’ll hear familiar melodies – movie themes, a song from a Broadway musical, even Michael Jackson’s music at the Pops Concert. As for the famous composers, there’s a reason that they’re famous – Beethoven, Brahms, and Mozart were nothing if not creative, and the beauty and intricacy of their compositions is easily recognized and appreciated.

Placing a great emphasis on educating as well as entertaining the public,  the MSO offers scores of musical opportunities for more than 5,000 area youth each year, including live symphonic performances for Macon-Bibb County fifth graders, complimentary tickets for selected students, visits to elementary classrooms by a trio of professional musicians, an “Instrument Petting Zoo” where children can try out orchestral instruments and meet our musicians, and scholarships for young string players.

The energy of a live orchestral concert is exciting, calming, magical, and unique! See for yourself, and come feel the passion when the symphonic stars align.